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What If The Moon Disappeared Right Now?

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We often take the Moon for granted and never even give a thought to how our life would be without our rocky little satellite. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the moon suddenly disappeared? Among all the worst-case Apocalyptic scenarios out there, this is one of the most blood-chilling.
One of the most important things about the Moon is the influence its gravitational pull has on the Earth. This is what makes the seas and the oceans rise and fall, giving birth to the tides. They occur twice a day, with the water level rising and then receding again.
If the Moon disappeared, a supermassive tidal wave would ruin California, Australia, South-East Asia, large parts of Africa, Chile, India, and part of Western Europe. Due to the new landscape on Earth, people wouldn’t be able to grow crops or develop agriculture, so resources would become extremely limited. Week after week people would see nothing but rain, yet this would be followed by a dry season lasting for months on end. Then, everything would suddenly get buried in snow that wouldn't melt for weeks or perhaps months. Without the Moon, the Earth would spin faster and faster. Besides much shorter days, this means that temperatures would drop since the Sun wouldn't have enough time to heat the surface of our planet.
Without the Moon, low and high tides would decrease by 75%, which would disrupt entire ecosystems that are dependent on the tides.
What seems like not such a big deal at first will have catastrophic consequences to life on our dear planet.


The birth of the Moon 0:36
The importance of the Moon 1:38
What would happen if the Moon disappeared:
Massive tidal waves 3:46
Civil wars 5:19
A spinning world 5:53
Climate shift 6:44
Ecosystem disruption 8:06
Asteroid attacks 9:06
How could the Moon suddenly vanish? 9:23

-As a result of the massive collision about 4 billion years ago, a huge chunk of the Earth broke away and created the Moon.
-If it weren’t for the Moon, there wouldn’t have been tides to force aquatic life forms to set up shop on land.
-If the Moon disappeared, 72,000 cubic miles of water would come crashing down to sea level. Three-fourths of the planet would be affected, and fatalities would reach 140,000,000 worldwide.
-People would start fighting for food and the scarce remnants of technology still left on the planet.
-Without the Moon, the Earth’s tilt would sometimes reach 45 degrees, meaning we’d be living in a world spinning on its side.
-The climate would never go back to the one we’re used to, and the seasons would become absolutely unpredictable.
-Without the Moon, the natural cycles of marine life would get all messed up, and this would dramatically affect the whole food chain.
-The Earth would lose its bodyguard against countless asteroids and meteors.
-The only imaginable way is that our satellite blows up.

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