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Waiver For India Unlikely On Russia Sanctions

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This video shows you that Waiver For India Unlikely On Russia Sanctions.

A clean legislative waiver for India from anti-Russia sanctions looks extremely difficult, if not impossible, several people lobbying lawmakers for changes in the law have told The Hindu.

India is caught in the crossfire as a bipartisan law, Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), requires the administration to impose sanctions on countries that have “significant” defence relations with Kremlin.

‘Other routes’

“Nobody in the Capitol Hill has the appetite to do anything that would be remotely seen as helping Russia, though in this case we are talking about helping India,” a Congressional staff member said. “A waiver appears out of reach. But there are other routes and we are hopeful of a resolution,” a business lobbyist working on the issue said, adding that there could be other means of ensuring that India’s defence ties with Russia does do not derail the expanding defence trade between India and the U.S.

An attempt is being made to have language written into the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA) for 2019 that would enable the Donald Trump administration to protect India from sanctions. The U.S. House has passed NDAA 2019 already, the rules of which allows for waivers for 180 days, provided the administration certifies that the country in question is scaling back its ties with Russia.

This formulation in inadequate to resolve the Indian situation, sources familiar with ongoing conversations involving Indian diplomats, U.S. defence companies and business bodies and lawmakers, told The Hindu. “A waiver linked to rolling back ties with Russia won’t be seen as helpful by India,” an executive with a U.S defence company said.

Efforts are, however, still under way to insert provisions in the NDAA in Senate that might give the Trump administration more leeway in dealing with the situation, short of a clean waiver.

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