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The Untold Truth About Owning A Dog!

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We often see the colorful and bright side of owning a dog,
today I will speak about the other side of owning a dog ; The untold truth about owning a dog !!!

If you want to get a dog or you're planning on getting a dog , this video is for you! As Dogs make us happy and they bring joy in our life but it's important to know the what owning a dog is like!

This video will help if decide should you get a dog !
Here are the 5 untold truth about owning a dog !

Dogs, we love them, we adore them, we simply can't resist them.. But owning a dog is much more than just that. Here are the 5 untold truths that one realizes only after owning a dog

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1. unexpected (ness) - that's inevitable, your dog would have a personality of their own and sometimes it would be something you won't like. Like you could get a breed that's known to be calm, but don't be surprised if they turn out to be hyper active cause that happens more that often. for example yorkies are said to be picky eater, but my yorkie on the other hand would eat anything he finds. And that's not it, so many yorkie owners text me saying how different their yorkie's personality is from mine and that's just how dogs are, every dog is unique so be prepared for unexpectedness but that's okay, that's what makes them special.

2. Care - Alright ask anyone who plans on getting a dog "How much work you think is required in caring for a dog" Now ask the same person, the same question few months after they get a dog... The difference in the answer will surprise you. There are many factors we forget to consider - like emergencies can happen anytime, uhh.. your dog could have eaten something they weren't supposed to eat, or they could get an infection or fleas and ticks from other dogs they met in the park, these kinda emergencies happen more often than you think and there are lots more goes into the care of a dog. You see, dogs are wonderful and can change your life, but you gotta know more often I only post video of my yorkie playing and all the fun things, but there's lots of efforts in his care that goes unshown.

3. unconditional love - The most beautiful thing a dog can teach you. Your lifestyle after having a dog is often gonna be different from what you expect. You wouldn't be able to leave leave home for more than 6-8 hours unless someone takes care of the dog, you wouldn't be able to travel as expected, you would have to build your work schedule accordingly and even turn down many night outs with friends, you would be building your life around your dog and not the other way round and in spite of all these you will learn to give, without expecting anything in return, to love with conditions.. and once you learn to love unconditionally, you would be a changed person forever.

4. time - When you hear beautiful stories of dog and humans having a true loving bond, that doesn't happen overnight. Like if you heard of Hachiko, a Japanese akita dog who waited everyday to greet his owner at the train station when he returns from work, unfortunately one day his owner suffered a heart attack and died while at work... But Hachiko didn't know about the death of his owner and continued to wait everyday at the station for the next 9 years until one day the dog died while waiting at the station for his owner.

That is what true love is and it only builds with time, every time you spend playing with your dog, every time he cuddles with you, every time he falls asleep on your lap, every time you comfort him when he's scared, Love builds. And it builds with time. you need to be willing to spend time.

5. They are messy - That's one reason many parents say no for dogs cause that's true, they are messy.. I won't get into details but your house will get dirty and often it's gonna stink.
and you will learn that them being messy is okay.
You might have to take that extra step from time to time and in return you get the warmth and love like non other

Today I spoke about the other side of the coin that often goes unnoticed and if any of these points did scare you, I'm really sorry cause I didn't mean to scare you but

Dogs are amazing okay and if anything I believe today's talk would just prepare you better to have an even more beautiful experience with you dog

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