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The True Cost Of A Pet | Real Cost To Raise A Dog

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How much does it cost to have a pet - more specifically how much does it cost to raise a dog or a cat throughout the entire course of their life?

Pet ownership is big business, with over 68% of Americans owning some pet and Americans spending almost $72 billion on their pets each and every year, these little fury buddies are certainly costing us something.

Well if you are like most people - myself included - you vastly underestimate the the real amount of money that our pets cost.

Just think about it for a second - we have al those initial cots to get our dog brought home - the fee to adopt them from a shelter or buy them from a breeder, initial wellness checks at the vet, vaccines, preventative care, and all those necessary home supplies because you want them to feel at home in your home.

Perhaps you even have to get them some training to ensure that you have a well behaved pup. One YouTube channel that I found incredibly helpful as I was training my dog was by a gentleman named Zak George - with the Dog Training Revolution. Here’s a link to his channel.


But after those initial cost, your pup is going to come with a whole host of ongoing expenses. You have the obvious ones like food, toys, and treats.

But what if you work long hours, you may need a dog walker, or doggie day care. Or perhaps you travel and you need to hire a pet sitter or need to kennel your et.

Also if your dog needs grooming services, you have to anticipate that their hair care is going to cost just as much as a humans - if not more - depending on your breed of dog.

Also they can increase the cost of your housing, If you rent an apartment or a house you can anticipate that there is a pet deposit as well as an ongoing pet rent - do you are going to have to factor that in on top of your traditional monthly rent.

And finally - emergency vet visits and procedures. At some point it seems like all pet owners have to have unplanned visits to the vet. And those vet bills add up quickly.

All in all, raising a dog is more expensive than a cat…but they can both be quite expensive. So just how much does it cost to raise a fur baby? Tune in to find out!

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