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Some footage from #puppy and #dog group class #aftdogtraining

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Group class fun. Some photos from our Puppy and Basic Obedience 1 classes. This is session #3. The puppies and dogs already know Place, Sit, Down, Come, and Heel. Along with a release command of Break. In puppy class we talked about the #science of raising a #puppy into a great #dog. The structure in the home, crate training, and feeding exercises. Yesterday's topic was punishing the growl in puppy class. It is imperative to do so when the puppy is growling at any human. It does not whatsoever suppress behavior. All of our #science backed video evidence shows how it does the opposite. Not some article written about it, but actual scientific video evidence. It is similar for your children or you when you behaved bad towards your parents, most likely there was a consequence and you were punished appropriately. You didn't suppress that behavior and take it out on your parents later. The dog is no exception regardless of what #positivedogtraining or #forcefreedogtraining trainers say. We get dogs in to our program, and it is well documented, where the force free trainers told the owners to "ignore the growl and it will magically disappear". By the time the owners get into our program they have been viciously mauled by their own dog or missing some of their fingers. Why? Because the certified force free "behaviorist" pushed their political propaganda of dog training on to the dog and owner, rather than do what is scientifically been proven to work, punishing the growl. Growling towards humans is a huge no no and it lead to a bite and then State steps in and dictates if the dog is to be put to sleep. Growling towards other dogs or animals is okay but it depends on the intent of that communication. If we are dealing with a dog that wants to kill another dog or has killed a cat, then we will also punish that type of communication. This isn't our first rodeo with this. I grew up with 16 dogs in the home, and didn't just read about propaganda in books. I lived dog world my entire life. That was just one thing we went over yesterday in the class. This is an action packed class. However the first few classes we are talking about the structure changes in the home and showing the dog or puppy how to learn to be calm. By mid program, we are able to bring in the fun activities. There is a reason behind that too.
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