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Prescription Diet Dog Food Scam - AVOID (This is Healthier & Cheaper)

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Prescription diet dog food scam to avoid by choosing the healthier and cheaper dog food option. *FREE DOG HEALTH GUIDE [5 Easy Steps to 'Health Boost' Kibble Meals & Heal Day-to-Day Health Issues] - Simple. Fast. HEALING. https://healthydogforlife.com/guide


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Because the major pet food manufacturers who make prescription dog food get away with not having their "vet prescription dog food" tested. The FDA will test standard dog food but uses "enforcement discretion" when it comes to veterinary prescription diets.

This means the FDA specifically does not test, review or verify any claims made by the manufacturers of veterinary diet pet food. Nothing, not a single step is made to control vet pet food.

This means two kibbles made at the same manufacturing plant, using similar ingredients are put into 2 different bags, one as a standard shelf food and one labeled prescription pet food with a label claim for example, Canine Joint Care.

My advice is, if you're paying for prescription diet dog food and the first ingredient begins with corn or any other starch such as rice, potato, soy or wheat, immediately stop this food source and switch to a kibble that starts with a protein such as chicken, beef or lamb.

You'll find better quality kibble at half the cost of vet prescription kibble and avoid this pet food industry scam.
Better still, feed your dog a healthier kibble diet.

I created the Healthier Kibble Diet to help kibble feeding dog owners reclaim their dogs health from scams like prescription pet food and persistent health problems like dog obesity and arthritis plus other chronic health complaints like allergy related skin problems, digestive complaint and yeast infections like ear infection.

This changes things dramatically for your dog, simply by adding some essential extras your dog instinctively knows is good to eat and cutting out the excess starches. Once added, your dog enjoys meal time, feeling fuller, more sated and begins to feel better, look better and act with more mental clarity, focus and happiness.

The good news is, to overcome this problem, stop the expensive prescription diet dog food, get a good quality regular kibble and by adding certain extras to your dogs kibble meals you'll quickly begin to solve many dog health problems.

You'll see a link to a video in the description above explaining more about the Healthier Kibble Diet.
Disclosure: I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program that earns fees by linking to Amazon.com and related sites and I'll often link to helpful and effective products I and my customers use and at zero cost to you. All opinions are my own. The information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute specific vet advice for any individual dog, cat or other animal.
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