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Pet Care - How Importance Calcium | Vitamin For Puppy | Dog - Bhola Shola | Harwinder Singh Grewal

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Pet Care - Importance for Calcium And Vitamin
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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is an owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm, Main Road, Adampur. In this video, he tells about Importance for Calcium And Vitamin in the Hindi Language.

1. Calcium is known for its role in building strong bones, but it also performs several other functions in your dog’s body. Calcium helps keep your dog’s nails, teeth, and coat healthy. Calcium is required for digestion, blood clotting, squeezing and relaxing muscles, releasing hormones, and proper nerve function. Calcium even helps your dog maintain a regular heartbeat.

2. Calcium is a mineral that must be consumed through diet; it cannot be made inside the body. Over 98% of total bodily calcium is stored in your dog's bones, which works as a mineral bank. Just like a regular bank, calcium is deposited and withdrawn from your dog's bones on a daily basis.

3. Furthermore, calcium is an interdependent mineral that works synergistically with co-factors to deliver its benefits. Calcium and magnesium are primarily responsible for maintaining a healthy bone mineral balance in your dog. Vitamin D is an essential factor in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

4. Normal total serum calcium in a dog is approximately 8-11 mg/dL. Getting the correct nutritional balance of calcium in a dog can be tricky. Even well-meaning pet parents (especially those giving their dogs homemade diets) sometimes make the mistake of not including enough calcium in their dog’s food. Adding calcium-rich foods like cottage cheese may not be enough. When a dog has too little calcium in their diet, the body will take calcium from its own bones in order to compensate. This is why it’s vital to strike an optimal balance in calcium levels in your dog.

5. Having the right balance of calcium is key for optimum health. Any imbalance in either deposits or withdrawals can cause issues. Too much calcium can cause a condition called hypercalcemia in dogs. On the other hand, not having enough calcium can lead to condition called hypocalcemia in dogs.

6. The health of your dog is dependent on the nutrition he/she receives from puppy hood through the senior years. Dogs require specific vitamins and minerals in their diet. While essential, they can be toxic in excess amounts. The charts below describe the vitamin/mineral required, its function and signs of deficiency or excess.

7. Vitamins are an essential part of your dog's good health. Dogs require vitamins in their food at low concentrations. Some vitamins are essential in low doses and toxic in excess amounts. Always check with your Veterinarian if your dog becomes symptomatic or if you suspect a deficiency in the diet.

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