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People Pay $$$ To Touch Me

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Can you imagine having criminals for parents? Well I didn’t have to imagine at all. My mom and dad were both scammers. They weren’t always that way though. They hadn’t been to college and they didn’t have any real skills so they had very ordinary jobs. They weren’t satisfied with how much money they were making. We’d have enough money for food and we had a little house but when my mom became pregnant with my baby brother, they grew more and more dissatisfied with our lives. They wanted big money, and fast!

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So...they began with email scams. My father pretended to be a wealthy European man who wanted to donate half of his billions to an honest person. He’d send thousands of emails a day and believe me, he got replies! In order for the victims to receive their billions, they’d have to send him two thousand dollars first. He promised that after they sent the money, he’d process their billions of dollars. Sure enough, after they sent the two thousand dollars, my dad would stop talking to them.

“Dad, why do you do this? It’s dishonest!” I said one night.

“That’s no way to speak to your father, you ungrateful brat!” my mom screamed.

“Don’t be too hard on her Monica. Caroline, darling, if people are stupid enough to fall for these tricks then they deserve to have their money taken from them! It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Eat or you’ll be eaten. Plus, I can buy you whatever you want now. Doesn’t that make you happy?” he asked.

I sighed and walked away. He did have a point.

After a few months my dad bought a new luxury vehicle and took us on a vacation to DisneyLand. We were having lots of fun!

Although the email scams were successful, as my parents made more, they wanted more.

So they brainstormed a bit and came to a conclusion. They decided to rent an office in town. My father then pretended to be a man called ‘Sorcerer Blaize’ who could heal all illnesses and problems. You might remember him from the video ‘I’m Allergic to Girls’. (Is there a way to insert a link here?)

He mixed different colors of powdered juice into different glass bottles and called them potions. He advertised on TV and paid for ads on Facebook and Instagram. In no time, he was full of customers. At first, this went pretty well. But as time went by, my dad decided that it cost too much to refrigerate the juice. So he kept them out of the fridge. After a while, some of the juices started to go rancid!

My dad was so busy counting his money that he didn’t even notice until the police showed up on our doorsteps one afternoon claiming that he had poisoned several people. They raided the office and seized everything that same day. My dad realized that he would probably be arrested soon so he had us pack up everything that same night.

“Where are we going? Why do I have to come?” I whined.

“To an island! I’ve got a new idea!” he grinned.

“It’s an excellent idea!” echoed my mom.

We flew out that same night. I was very angry that I had to change my whole life for my criminal parents. Imagine living in one place for your entire life then suddenly your parents decide that your friendships, school and habits didn’t matter anymore. So frustrating!

Our journey took 21 hours, including layovers. My father spent a lot of time on his laptop in the airports and while we were on the plane. I figured he was just trying to organize accommodation for us.

When we arrived on the island I was disappointed. The airport was an old, wooden structure and the workers there looked very laid back. When we got our luggage, we went to wait for a taxi. Almost all the cars looked old and when I looked around I felt that it all looked so primitive!

We got into the taxi and my dad gave the driver our address. After a journey that lasted at least one hour, the taxi pulled up in front of a decently sized house which looked quite comfortable.

“This is our house!” said my dad.

“How did you manage to buy a house so quickly?” I asked.

“I’m just really clever.” he winked.

“Stop doubting your parents.” my mom nagged.

I went inside and picked one of the most spacious bedrooms. It had a beautiful view of the sea.

“Now listen Caroline, you have to delete all your social media accounts – and here’s a new phone with a new number. You can’t tell anyone where we are.” my dad said to me while I was unpacking.

We went to buy some local food that night and came back to our house to eat it. While we sat around the dinner table my father explained his new idea.

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