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Mark Hamill Wife, Kids, Siblings, Parents (Family Members)

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Mark Hamill is an internationally known movie star, who was born in 1951. He rose to prominence thanks to his role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Apart from that, he can also be seen in Time Runner, Sushi Girl, The Big Red One, Midnight Ride and many other successful TV projects.
In addition, the celebrity also provided his voice to Skips in Regular Show, Joker in Batman, etc.
And now, let’s reveal some facts about Mark’s family and see who surrounds the star and provides him with motivation and inspiration.

The celebrity’s father William Sr. had been serving in the US Navy for over three decades. Also, he participated in World War II and got a rank of captain. He died in 2014, at the age of 87.

The mother Virginia used to be a housewife. In a marriage with William, she gave birth to seven children and dedicated all her life to them, sharing a tight bond with each kid. She passed away in 1984, aged 57.

The film performer has six siblings. The oldest one is a brother William Jr., who was delivered in 1944. It is known that he lives in Menlo Park, CA and is a psychiatrist by profession.

Terry is an older sister. Unfortunately, almost nothing is known about her life, except the fact that she has a son and is very close with Mark. She supported him at the ceremony of getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

One more older sister is named Jan and she was welcomed in 1949. She resides in Texas, where she runs the James T. and Jan L. Hoover Family Foundation with her husband.

The third sister Kim also lives in Texas. She studied art therapy and mind/body psychology at Sonoma State University.

The fifth sibling is a younger sister Jeanie. She lives in Nevada, where she works as a dog trainer and a canine behavior consultant.

The youngest among all is a brother Patrick. Unfortunately, there is no information about his either occupation or personal life.

As for Hamill’s personal life, he walked a former dental hygienist Marilou York down the aisle in 1978 and they have been living happily till present days. Today, she is a chief financial officer at Amazing Invisible Inc., which is an actor’s company. The pair got acquainted at a dentist’s office. The film performer complimented Marilou but she didn’t pay any attention to that. However, she agreed to go on a date and despite the fact that they broke up once, they managed to reunite and create a strong family.

The couple’s firstborn is a son Nathan, who drew his first breath in 1979. He is an illustrator and an artist. Also, he is a father to a baby-girl with his ex-partner Maegan Chen. Since 2019 he has been with Em Harris.

The second son Griffin joined the family in 1983. He is a painter by profession. As for his relationship status, he is romantically involved with Anna Rose Gray.

The third child is a daughter Chelsea who became a cute addition to the family in 1988. She is a personal assistant at her dad’s company.
That is all.
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