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Lhasa apso coat care - From dirty dog to handsome

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How to make lhasa apso coat care easy and simple? You can make different lhasa apso grooming styles thanks to their coat.
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Lhasa grooming is one of my favorites. I like their anatomy, the ability to create different haircuts thanks to lhasa apso hair.
These dogs are very funny, active and like to play. But they're often stubborn. Despite their character, the owners can make lhasa apso cut at home.
Lhasa apso grooming begins with grooming for their coat, eyes, ears and nails.
Lhasa apso hair care should be every day. If a dog gets wet in the rain it must be dried with a hairdryer. The nails should be trimmed once a month and the ears cleaned every week.
Lhasa apso haircut can be short if it convenient for you. Short haircuts don't spoil a dog's health.

00:00 - 00:10 - lhasa apso
00:10 - 00:40 - lhasa apso before grooming
00:40 - 01:00 - bathing lhasa apso
01:00 - 01:15 - combing lhasa apso
01:15 - 04:26 - haircut lhasa apso
04:26 - 04:41 - lhasa apso face cut
04:41 - 07:59 - clipping paw lhasa apso
07:59 - 08:25 - tail lhasa apso cut
08:25 - 11:58 - lhasa apso head cut
11:58 - 12:08 - lhasa apso ear cutting
12:08 - 12:47 - lhasa apso before and after

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