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Jungkook's in trouble with his mom... Why he joined BigHit, Earliest Memory

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Jungkook's NEW Tattoo Exposed..., Jimin's Injury, BTS Being Parents https://youtu.be/SWEMxwCrdp4

Recently, Jungkook revealed during an interview what he was like as a boy
“I was a very mischievous boy” he confessed
Jungkook revealed that he hated studying and that he got in trouble with his mom a lot
And for those of you who don’t have a dream and don’t know what to do with your life yet…
Don’t worry, neither did Jungkook
As he confessed, he still didn’t have a goal or a dream when he auditioned
He did it just for fun
But he had the mindset that he will succeed
Jungkook also revealed during the interview that he chose BigHit, even though he received many offers from other companies, because of RM
“I don’t know why, but I believed that RM was someone that would succeed no matter what he did. I also had this mindset that ‘I will succeed. I will most definitely succeed.’” Jungkook said

During the same interview, Jungkook revealed his earliest memory: of him playing with a dog
“ I had so much fun playing with a dog that was the same size as me while we were out visiting somewhere. I must have been around 3, 4 years old. The dog became my friend (laughs). Thinking on it now, the dog must’ve been much bigger than me, but I didn’t get hurt. It’s probably because the dog was going easy on me. What a good dog.” Said Jungkook

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