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How To Get Skunk Smell Off Your Dog And Yard (Petco)

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Sometimes as dog parents, we have to deal with a few surprises and having your dog meet up with a skunk is a big one. Here are some important tips.

Number one, don’t give your dog a bath right away. Water will actually set the skunk oils into his coat. Instead, you’ll need to first deodorize and then bathe your pet. Begin with a pet-friendly skunk odor remover to break down the skunk oils and eliminate the pungent smell. To start, put on your dog’s collar and leash to keep him close. But remember to wash them when you’re done so they don’t smell.

Pour the undiluted odor remover in a spray bottle to make it easy to apply. Wearing rubber gloves, saturate only the area that was scented by the skunk. It will typically be the top of your dog’s head or his back end. Use a washcloth for the face area, but be careful to avoid his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Massage the odor remover all the way through, letting it soak as recommended in the directions on the label. Then, rinse completely. Smell the affected area and repeat if necessary.

For round two, use your regular doggy shampoo and conditioner to bathe your dog as you would normally. Then, dry him off with a towel or use a hairdryer on a cool setting. If you need to de-skunk your house, odor removers are great for carpets, furniture, pet bedding, kennels, clothing, and more.

To prevent future skunk incidents in your yard, be aware that skunks are nocturnal. So, bring in your pets at dusk. Keep a flashlight handy to scare off any skunk intruders at night. Make sure trashcans are sealed and don’t leave pet food bowls outside. With all these suggestions, you can avoid another skunk encounter. Something you and your dog can truly be happy about.

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