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How I Handle this VERY MEAN Russian Bolonka // Dog Grooming PT 1

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Ahh, Joey! Before we get started, his family outside, who wait to watch, puts on the muzzle and cone head, and what does he do, he rips it all off and his collar was loose, so he almost gets away from his parents, and the barber shop next door watches me whooping and hollering at his pet parents "get him get him" "he took the muzzle off" "we are on the highway" "get him get him before he gets away". Have a tight collar folks, period! I come in after the pet parents struggling with him growling and trying to bite them just to allow him to get his body in my arms. It was 104+ degrees outside and I was sweating bricks. So, I fly in to the salon with all this energy...... and on top of that, this shaking tail is not a happy pet, it's a pet ready to strike, like a rattle snake. Boy oh boy, once we hit those matts, just 2 areas, he got so pissed off and it was a huge trigger for him. Making sure he is NOT matted is 100% REQUIRED IN HIS CASE! PERIOD.
Believe it or not, he has shown some serious improvement. Wow, we still have a long way to go, and Covid 19 made it harder for us. He hadn't been groomed in six months! Wow! His Pet parents came out during covid 19 and bought clippers and scissors, and they couldn't do it. Dad said Mom cried trying to help him, too mean. Won't allow them to do much! So sad! We do a 10 all over, instead of wasting time to grab the shears, I used the clipper to even cut the tail and shave out the matts in the tail too. If I turn away, he could be a like a loose canon, unpredictable, just ready to attack. Too fast for me! I use about 3-4 ten blades and it was intense! I used a 40 blade or his pads, nail trimmers, bubble tip shears, all you can get at www.myfavoritegroomer.com. Thanks for watching and if you are familiar with grooming aggressive dogs, tell me about your experiences below. The number one factor here for us is FAST, QUICK, NO ONE GETS HURT! Sometimes, whooping and hollering gets the dogs attention, while David cheerleads for him to get his attention while I work the painful matts off. It is one way that worked in this case. Where in normal circumstances, the pet parent Dad is there to hold him, but in this case, due to Covid-19, we have to make it happen without the pet parent, just a cheek away from watching.

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