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Hiding From My Dog In A Giant Box! He Stretches Before Finding Me!

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So today we played hide and seek, its a very interactive game that one can play with their fur babies and is a smart way to spend time with them at the same time also enhancing their smelling snd searching powers to make them more and more smart. You can say its a kind of training while at the same time a very fun game to play with them.

Max enjoys this game alot , he has been playing since he was a little and now he is pro at it, it hardly takes 10 seconds for him to pin point the location and search his dumb brother. He is really very smart, Bossdog.


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Max born on 1st January suddenly became an important part of the family, so this video is just to show a glimpse of his life.

He is now the most pampered family member.

He has a very simple motto - " lick the people you love, wag your tail every time you see them, stay as close to the family as possible, eat as much as given to you and even beg for more, take their stuff so that they chase you, never bark on strangers and basically just live the moment".

Enjoy and spread love.

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