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Goodbye to Bandi..(Vent Speedpaint)

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No intro or full color in this speedpaint..I had a hard time trying to sketch this..I've been mourning the death of my family dog Bandi since yesterday after hearing that he died from a female Pitbull biting down on his left hind leg when my mom took him to my brother's home..all he did was walk up to the Pitbull just to sniff her & she attacked him..that bitch had him in a death lock..My uncle was the brave one to force the pitbull to open its jaws, when Bandi got free he was very scared & bit my uncle on the thumb then my mom drove Bandi back to her apartment to tend to his wounds..In the morning she rushed him to the vet to try to get a shot to be a painkiller & calm him down but Bandi was very sad & looked weak..when he got the shot he panicked & his little heart couldn't handle it..the vet told my mom that the trauma was too much that he died from the shock..after he died my brother took the Pitbull back to the dogpound, when he should have put her down..anyways..my brother buried Bandi in his backyard..
I only found out because my dad was informed by my uncle & I asked my mom what happened which is what I explained above.. All of us are heartbroken..All of my family members loved him so much.
The reason why it hurts me so much is because as a kid & teen I always wanted a dog for a pet not to show off but to care for it, I been very poor up until around 2015..I finally got my chance to adopt a dog as an adult in 2017 when my dad took me to the dog shelter nearby when I lived in Texas..I remember before I got to bond & name him he was the only dog that walk up to me very shy but wagged his tail with a tag "67" he was temporary wearing which made me choose him..When he got sick from a hookworm I made sure to tell my parents to take him to the vet so that we could get his shots after which he was happy..I used to play with him when I got my college assignments done & during my free time I would take him for walks or take him to go shopping with me..I owe him my life; long story short, early in 2018 one of my family members was rushing to get to work & they forgot to turn off the stove which lead to my apartment to start being clouded in smoke..I was asleep & sick, I couldn't smell anything then I heard Bandi scratching & barking like something was wrong at my bedroom door, I woke up went to the restroom put my glasses on & thats when I saw the smoke. I turned off the stove then grabbed him while I was opening the doors to the apartment to make the smoke clear out & went outside holding him in my arms..if it wasn't for him both of us could have died that day..
I always thought he would die of old age, which if he did die that way I would still cry but I would be at peace because I tried giving him the best life I could give him..
but instead he was taken from me..I should have ignored my Parents in Laws & took him with me to live in California when I moved out in late 2018..
I wish I could turn back the clock..I should have trusted my gut..he would still be alive if I did..Bandi I'm so sorry..I failed you..
You were innocent..you were a good boy..you didn't deserve dying in such a cruel way..
I'll miss you but I'll never forget you..

Music I used for this video is Tokyo Jungle - ERCs final mission..

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