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Family of Yuri King Bully Badmash Dog of Nathain Bodla 2020 | Yuri KING of Pakistan By Nafa tv hd

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#NAFA TV HD #Bully Dogs #Dogs Ducumentry
Dog Owner's Detail:-
My Second Channel "Nafa TV Vlogs"
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Aslam O Alaikum My friends i am your host Wazir Ali. I upload a videos regularly for you, So that you can see your favorite dog you are sitting in any corner of the world. Who would like a dog to write in the Comments I will try to make a video on that specific dogs
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JazzCash Account#: 03004766708
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UBL Bank Account#: PK80UNIL0109000266302179
My Contacts:-
Name:- Sardar Wazir Ali Khan
Ph#:- 03004766708
Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/SARDAR WAZIR ALI KHAN/
More Pakistani Bully Dogs:-
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Beautiful Bully Dog/Oner Of Dog Zabair Tared Of Narway Beautiful Pappeise Bully Dog | NAFA TV HD,
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Top Bully Dog Breed In Pakistan/Oner Of Dog Raja Mustafa Ashraf Of Chichawati/Top Breed Bully Dog,
Top 10 Bully 3 Dog 4+4 Time Winner Bully Dog Kutte/Best Breed Bully Fighter Dog | NAFA TV HD,
Pakistani Big Bully Dog/Beautiful Bully Kutta Dog Of Kabirwala/Best Breed Bully dog | NAFA TV HD,
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