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Episode 45: My Dog Just Got Jumped, Now What?

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If you own a dog, there is a very good chance that at some point in your dog’s life, your dog could get jumped or possibly attacked by another dog. It’s vital to know that your reaction could actually exacerbate the emotional damage to your dog or puppy. This episode has my top tips for helping your dog and how you can take control of the uncontrollable and your responses. My puppy, This!, was jumped by an older pup, so it’s a topic fresh in my mind.

In the episode you'll hear:
• About being a helicopter parent, the opposite, and what I learned about being a dolphin parent.
• Why the ability to recover is so important for our dogs.
• The aftermath of our dogs being jumped and what we can do.
• About negative conditioned responses and single event learning.
• What happened with my puppy This! and what I did to help her.
• The importance of changing a dog’s physiological state.
• What I learned from a book about preventing PTSD with pattern-matching games.
• How “play, don’t’ replay” works.
• Why our first responses might not the best responses for our dog.
• How to avoid adding emotional fire for your dog to events you cannot control.
• Why to practice responding to things you can’t control.
• What I do if my dog gets jumped and strategies you can put into action.
• How to make the absolute best out of a bad situation.
• What to look for in a good organised and structured puppy playgroup.

Book: Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal -
Podcast Episode 12: When Helping Your Dog is an Illusion -
Podcast Episode 4: T.E.M.P. (Tail, Eyes/Ears, Mouth, Posture)
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A natural teacher and an entertaining speaker, Susan is world renowned as a leading educator of dog trainers. Her understanding of how to apply science-based learning principles to both competitive and family pet dog training has been pivotal in changing how dogs are trained.

Susan is now helping many thousands of dog owners in 82 countries have the best relationship possible with their dogs. The real joy for her comes from bringing confidence to dogs and their owner through playful interactions and relationship building games that are grounded firmly in the science of how animals learn.
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