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Dog Toxic Household Products (5 Hidden Toxins Causing Toxicity in Dogs)

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ABOUT TODAYS VIDEO: Dog Toxic Household Products
Your dogs skin absorbs everything it touches including the fire retardant chemicals in that new carpet, breaths in the vapors from that newly painted kitchen or licks petro chemicals from their paws after walking the urban environment.

And all before ingesting the chemical additives in kibble and being flooded with chemicals from flea and tick control agents, dewormers, vaccines and antibiotics.

There are many household items toxic to dogs. Here's 5 ways to minimize dog toxic products in your home and how you can help reduce the toxic load your dog faces.

Number one is reduce plastic use. Always feed your dog from stainless steel or ceramic bowls including drinking water. Be careful to use natural fiber dog toys, natural chews like deer antler not nylarbones or animal hyde products.

Number two is to eliminate as many artificial products as possible. Think about things such as fragrances and perfumed products like plug-in air fresheners as the toxins in these synthetic fragrances are similar in makeup to pesticides and easily absorbed into your dogs skin.

And there's household and laundry cleaning products, personal care products, yard products like lawn care treatments, weed killers and slug pellets.

Number three is neurotoxins in dogs from pesticides, including vet drugs like dewormers and flea and tick control. Try and cut back on house and yard pesticide and insecticide use with artificial toxic chemical based products such as Roundup really needs to stop all together. The chemicals in weed killers like glysophate end up in you and your dog, destroying healthy gut bacteria and lowering immunity to disease.

There are natural alternatives to these chronic ill health causing and deadly products and that includes dewormers and flea and tick control, neither of which should ever be allowed near your dog. And I'll leave links to the natural and effective alternatives above.

Number 4 is to use natural bedding for your dog. The artificial fibers used in bedding are toxic and sprayed with fire retardants linked to cancers, endocrine disruption and liver disease. Think cotton, leather and hemp as natural fibers good for bedding, collars and pet clothing.

Wash all new products before using them with your dog to get the residue from fire retardants and anti-mold spray off the items and away from your dog.

And number 5 is Diet. If you can switch your dogs diet to home cooked or a raw food diet, you'll have the control you want over what goes into your dogs body.

If for whatever reason you can't feed these diets, I fully recommend you feed your dog a healthier kibble diet to really help cut down on the less than desirable additives in a kibble diet, fix up chronic ill health conditions and boost your dogs immune system.
Disclosure: I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program that earns fees by linking to Amazon.com and related sites and I'll often link to helpful and effective products I and my customers use and at zero cost to you. All opinions are my own. The information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute specific vet advice for any individual dog, cat or other animal.
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