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Devi Putrudu | Venkatesh, Soundarya

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The movie begins with a voice explaining the submersion of Dwaraka village in the sea because of a huge Tsunami, then jumps to 5000 years ahead and starts with Krishna (Venkatesh), doing pranks in Bombay and earn living with petty thefts. Satyavathi (Anjala Zaveri) is a foreign returned girl and she comes to know that her elder sister Karuna (Soundarya) got married to an archaeologist when she visited to see the site of Dwaraka. Satyavathi decides to visit Dwaraka to meet her sister. As Satyavathi comes out of the airport of Bombay to go to Dwaraka, Krishna meets her as the taxi driver of Satyavathi hired thinking that she has valuable diamonds with her. On the way, he realizes that she is not the one who was supposed to have carried diamonds and decides to dump her and come back to Bombay. But the destiny has other plans to make Krishna goes to Dwaraka. There he meets up with a cute little friend called Papa. And she has mystical powers, she knows that he had fallen in love with Satyavathi and asks him to tell that to her. One day, Sathya tells Krishna about her sister, Krishna tells Sathya that he will find the mystery of her sister's missing. Things turn spooky when he enters the her sister's house. Suddenly, Papa, the cute little girl who he met before this appears in front of him, she tells him about the history and mystery of the house.There is used to be an archeologist called Balaram (again Venkatesh), who was an atheist. He believes more in the power of science than that of God. There she meets up with a damsel called Karuna (Soundarya) and they fall in love, get married and Karuna gets pregnant. There used to be a kind of catostrophy in the sea adjoining the Dwaraka every Amavasya, which generates huge amount of torque. Balaram believes that there is a mystery behind that's strange thing in the sea. With unremitting attention to his purpose and frustrated by the lack of initiative on the part of the government, he jumps into sea during one Amavasya and comes back with a huge archaic metal box that has all kinds of marks and an embossed trishulam. There is a bunch of foreigners who are after that mystical box. One day, the box opens itself and Balaram sees that he realizes that it is not an ordinary metal box but a storehouse of a mysterious force that would destroy the world if not put back in its place. But the baddies, who want to have power over the universe, will not allow him. They tortures Balaram and Karuna asking to give them the box. While that, Balaram and Karuna escapes from them and bring the box with them to put back into the sea. Accidentally the box will fall in to hole and Balaram fall from a hill and dies on the spot. The baddies tortures Karuna to tell where is the box until is comes to her baby's death. The spirit of the baby revenges them for torturing her mother which is non other than Papa, the baddies call a black magician to control the baby's spirit. Now in the present, Papa asks Krishna to put back the box in the sea and save her mother from them. Finally, Krishna save Karuna and asks her to show the place where the box had felt. After they get the box, the baddies and black magician fights for the box until it cause the power inside the box come out with full of anger. The power inside the box was Goddess Ammavaru who was sent by Lord Krishna to save the world. Goddess Ammavaru will kills the baddies and black magician and return into the box. Finally, they will put back the box in the sea. At the end, Krishna and Satyavathi get married and the spirit of Papa will reborn again to Satyavathi.

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