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Becoming A Video Game Tester Review-Become A Video Game Tester

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Becoming a video game tester-Get instant access to our famous
"Becoming a video game tester"Secrets" mini-course at http://www.onlinegamingjobs.net ! How do you become a video game tester?The answer is simpler than you may think. Just apply? Watch this video for tips on how to do that.

Stop whatever you're doing right now. Listen to me very carefully! You're about to discover how to earn a living online playing video games even before they are released to everybody else.

Hi! In this video presentation, I want to take just a few minutes of your time to show you how you can become a great Video game tester and get paid $30-$50 an hour for every game you play from the comfort of your couch.

If you're interested in having all your bills and rents pay themselves while YOU are busy having fun, playing the latest and newest video games that even your closest friend has not seen, then move closer and watch this video!

You see, the video game industries are looking for people like you to point out the mistakes that game developers make in the video games they produce.

And because they make lots of those mistakes, they are ready to reward you handsomely for spotting and pointing them out!

Now let me share my personal experience with you. I have been paid over $70,000 this year alone by various game development companies working just 3 hours or less to fish out bugs and glitches in their games.

With so much money paid to me, I thought I was sucking the games industry dry. But heck! I was wrong! Did you listen to the news recently?

The game industry has grown up to a 50 billion dollar a year business today and it is the only industry that remains untouched by the economic recession.

So as you can see, there's more than enough room to take more testers because there's plenty more where that money came from.

This is the exact reason why I want you to come on board too!

Right now you may be thinking, "why would game companies want to pay me so much money just to point out bugs in their games? Can't they do that themselves?"

The answer is very simple: they want to get a better deal! They want to get better at what they do. Their business is their life. Just one bad blog review, one hurtful forum post or even a single complaint from a customer over the phone about a major glitch and the news will spread like wide fire over the global village!

No game companies want that to ever happen to them because they can make a billion dollar loss in sale while the smarter competitors make profit and rejoice. So why won't they want to pay you and I a measly $30-$50 an hour to ensure the quality of their work is very high.

Now, my friend, what do you need to do to qualify to be a video game tester? Just 3 simple things!

1) Be 15 years or older to be able to receive payment for testing games.

2) Be able to use the computer or a game console like Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 that you are already using to play your own games.

3)Be a lover of video games!

Do you now see how easy it is to qualify, make easy money and develop your career in the video entertainment industry?

I know you may have lost a lot of money before buying different work-from-home training packages on the internet. What was the result? I can tell what your answer will be because I've been there myself! Many of those so-called internet gurus never live up to their promises.

But it's time for you to come into the limelight and grab what works! This has worked for me and so can work for you too. The truth is that video game testing is simple to do. Answering simple questions and filling out your work assignment sheet is nothing but fun!

Let's do simple arithmetic:Assuming you test a $30 per hour game :3 hours a day = 21 hours a week = $630 a week or $2520 a month! 5 hours a day = 35 hours a week = $1050 a week or $4200 a month! 8 hours a day = 56 hours a week = $1680 a week or $6720 a month!

Here's the sweetest part of the deal,You can get started right now for free! How does that sound? Well I don't know if you can ever get anything easier and simpler than this online because all you need to do is to click the link below and begin your journey to true financial freedom. You can do this any time and from anywhere.

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Becoming a Video Game Tester

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