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Aggressive Dog - Are Indian | Pakistani Mastiff | Bully Kutta | Good With Kids? BholaShola.

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Bully Kutta is also known as Indian Mastiff. It shares its origin from India and Pakistan, predominantly from the Punjab region. It is a very aggressive breed. They are mainly used as guard dogs and for dogfighting purposes. It is nicknamed as the “beast from the east”. Due to their aggressive behaviour, they are not very friendly breeds and not considered very safe for children as well as other pets. They are not suitable for apartment life. They have gait similar to lion and tiger and are thus not recommended for first-timers. In India, its sold for a price of 15000 to 20000Rs. There are mainly 5 variations of Bully Kutta namely Ancient Type Bully Kutta, Nagi Bully Kutta, Mastiff Type Bully Kutta, Aseel Bully Kutta, and Modern Bully Kutta

The very name ‘Bully’ is said to have either been derived from dog names like Bulldog, Pitbull, Bull terrier or from Bohli, which means heavily wrinkled, and Kutta, which means dog in Sindhi, Urdu and other South-Asian languages

They have a muscular structure and are thick boned. They have a broad head but the tail pater to a fine point. They have almond-shaped eyes and erect yet cropped ears. They have loose skin around the jaws and neck. They are high energy dogs and thus they need really good exercises like walking and jogging sessions.

The male breed reaches a height of 44 inches while the female breed reaches up to 26 inches. It weighs approximately 68 – 77 Kg. The coat is usually smooth and short. They are predominantly white but the other common coat colours are White, White and Black, White and brown, Fawn, Harlequin, Brindle, Black, Red. It has a life span of 10 years. It can produce an average of 5 puppies. It is not hypoallergenic. This breed is usually Intelligent, alert, responsive and energetic. They are very intelligent and have a strong sense of sight and smell. Pink nose, yellow eyes, tri-colour face, docked or kinky tail and height less than 32″ in males and 27″ in females are a few of the traits that disqualify a Bully Kutta.

This breed requires a lot of attention on their diet. An 8-12 weeks old puppy needs 4 meals per day while only 3 meals are required for puppies that are 3-6 months old. A 6-12 months old puppy will need only 2 feedings per day while older ones require only 1 serving. You can feed them dry dog foods mixed with canned food, water or broth. It will be good to follow a balanced diet of 40% meat, 30% vegetable, and 30% starch. Organ meat like kidney and liver is mostly preferred. The preferred vegetables are potatoes, carrots, broccoli, etc. You can also serve general nutritious foods like cottage cheese, fruits, cooked eggs, pasta, brown rice, brewer’s yeast, etc. Eggshell has lots of nutrition and can be used as a dog’s food when crushed and mixed into it. You need to rotate the food from time to time and also have a surplus amount of water.

The origin of Bully Kutta is very disputable. Some consider the Pakistani Mastiff and the Indian Mastiff are the same and thus there is heavy debate regarding the country of origin. Some consider the breed North Indian while others think they are from South India mainly from Thanjavur and Trichy. Some people claim that during the British invasion, their mastiff dogs were bred with regional Indian mastiff breeds and the new breed is called Bully Kutta. Some others consider their roots to the extinct breed of Alaunt that originated in modern-day Pakistan.

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