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5 Confidence Hacks to BEAT Nervousness (Use This With Your Crush!)

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Want to know how to talk to your crush with confidence? Here are 5 easy hacks for beating nervousness around someone you like and preparing yourself for a conversation without things becoming awkward or weird. Use these easy tips to be more confident around them and overcome any anxiety that stands in your way!

0:07 - Introduction into what the live stream will cover
1:08 - Shoutouts for all the early birds in the chat
3:33 - Why I believe these confidence hacks will work (I use them all the time!)
5:08 - Hack #1: Practice mindful breathing to relax your nerves
8:32 - Chat poll: Have you ever practiced mindful breathing before?
13:51 - I try not to worry about my crush but sometimes it bothers me because I don’t know if they like me back, what do I do?
14:25 - Hack #2: Approach someone else first to get rid of nervous energy
17:18 - SUPER CHAT: Would you approach a girl who is with a parent?
21:46 - I used to talk to my crush every day but our conversations have hit a lull. How do I get her interested again?
23:40 - Hack #3: Prepare questions to ask them ahead of time
25:54 - Not sure what to talk about? Use my free 20 ice breaker conversation guide! www.thejoshspeaks.com/ice-breakers
27:24 - SUPER CHAT: I feel like I want to ask fun and different questions to stand out from generic conversations but some people don’t know how to respond. They’re used to generic talking.
29:20 - Chat poll: What would be a conversation opener you would feel comfortable using with your crush?
32:07 - What do I do if my crush is in regular school and I’m doing online schooling?
33:37 - Want to video chat with me one on one every month? Become a patron! www.patreon.com/thejoshspeaks
34:54 - Did you know we have an online community? You should join it! www.thejoshspeaks.com/discord
36:37 - What if I were to ask “what is the saddest day of your life” to my crush?
39:32 - I get frustrated when I get someone's number from a cold approach but the conversation dies, what do I do?
40:25 - I’ve been talking to a girl and she’s giving me mixed signals. We’ll play a game one day and she’ll ignore me the next, what do I do?
42:12 - SUPER CHAT: I still have feelings for my crush and I’ve been dreaming about her a lot lately
44:15 - Hack #4: Give yourself a time frame for talking to them
45:48 - SUPER CHAT: Why do you think a girl has difficulty understanding that a guy has chosen to pursue her and only her. Is it not romantic? Won’t a girl feel special and loved?
49:34 - Chat poll: What’s one way you can think of starting a conversation with a boundary setter?
51:49 - Josh ADMITS that he HATES salads
52:32 - Have you ever felt annoyed if someone pretends not to know you?
53:44 - Hack #5: Say less, listen more, and speak confidently
56:45 - Reviewing the 5 confidence hacks to beat nervousness
1:00:36 - SUPER CHAT: Please share your make out story with the girl that looked like Selena Gomez!
1:03:52 - SUPER CHAT: Thoughts on office romance? She told me no because we work together but I see her every day and still have feelings for her
1:06:19 -

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